Thermal printing ink dater


Thermal printing ink dater is intended for putting date (number, series, lot, etc.) of black color onto packing materials (film, paper, hard board). It can be used as a part of automatic or semiautomatic packing equipment, and as an autonomous device for marking.



The dater includes mechanical unit and electric power supply unit.

Mechanical unit is a printing device with a removable cassette with two blocks of numbers set on a heater.

The heater is moved in and out with help of pneumatic drive and presses the block of heated numbers through thermal printing tape against supported packing material. Step-wise drawing of thermal printing tape for the set length is made with help of pneumatic cylinder and clutch.

Electric power supply unit provides heating and thermal stabilization of block of numbers. The electric power supply unit provides heater temperature adjustment (made by manufacturer) and smooth adjustment of thermal printing tape drawing parameter. The structure of electric power supply unit enables its installation in standard electric box.