Vertical packing machine


Vertical packing machine is used for packing of bulk stock, such as grits, sugar, dry bread crumbs, chips, ravioli, etc. with polymer film with single- and double-sided thermo sealing layer.



Vertical packing machine consists of:

  • Vertical packing module;
  • System of dosing units.

Vertical packing module

Vertical packing module is a standard item for packing with roll material by pulling it through and cutting.

Standard version of the module contains transverse seam embedded 6-figure thermal dater.

Vertical packing module is equipped with a photo sensor. The photo sensor is provided with screw system of position adjustment.

On the customer’s request the packing module can be additionally supplied with:

  • folding system for production of flat bottom bag;
  • additional dater for ink data printing;
  • “euro-slot” cutting out unit (“euro-slot” opening is provided for hanging of bags at mounts (in shops))
  • feeding conveyor
  • discharge conveyor

The structure of the vertical packing module includes CAMOZZI and FESTO pneumatic drives and distributors.

The device is equipped with non-return-to-zero rotating counter of cycle’s total number and adjustable counter of cycle’s number before the device is stopped (for convenience at product placing for secondary packing).

It is equipped with controller indicator panel and provides operative change of the following characteristics:

  • temperature of longitudinal seam welding device and bottom welding device;
  • set number of bags before the machine is stopped (adjustable counter);
  • time of seam welding.

Operating controller provides most handy monitoring of information on status of servo units, which provides on-line diagnostics of state of machine mechanisms, which is essential for adjustment of bag dimensions. It makes the operation easier and reduces manpower requirements.

On the customer’s request the packing module can be equipped with a compressor.

System of dosing units

System of dosing units is a two or three channel strain-measuring batch weigher.