DOY-PACK bag production machine


This machine is intended for production of DOY-PACK bags out of a roll. Applied material – multilayer polymer films.


The structure of the machine applies pneumatic drives produced by FESTO and CAMOZZI.

All the adjustment units (particularly the ones for bag size adjustment) of the machine are made with utilization of screw pairs, providing smooth adjustment of each tool, easy operation and minimum time consumption while readjustment of the machine from one bag size to another, as well as bags of high utilities such as appearance and reliability.

Bag original appearance as well as usage and shop exhibition extra convenience is provided with such optional units of the machine as:

  • Cutting-out unit for easy opening of the bag;
  • “Zip-lock” fastener patching unit, for closing of the opened bag for product storage;
  • “Euro-slot” cutting out unit, for hanging of bags at special hooks at till sales zone of a shop.

The machine is equipped with non-return-to-zero rotating counter of total cycles and adjustable counter to calculate the bags produced, laying them into various containers without machine stopping.

The following characteristics can be displayed at indicator panel of controller and quickly changed:

  • temperature of longitudinal seam welding device and bottom welding device;
  • set number of bags before the machine is stopped (adjustable counter);
  • time of seam welding.

Operating controller provides easy monitoring of information on status of servo units. This provides on-line diagnostics of state of machine mechanisms, which is essential for adjustment of bag dimensions. It makes the operation easier and reduces manpower requirements.


The machine produced bags can be used for packing of various products:

  • viscous - mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato paste, mustard, etc.,
  • free-running - tea, coffee, salt, spices, dry seasonings, etc.,
  •  household chemistry – bleacher, cleaning substances and detergents,
  • automotive liquids and lubricants, and so on.