IPiCO - is the development, manufacture, supply and service of packaging equipment

Since the founding of our organization in 1995, we had to deal with a wide range of non-standard engineering tasks in the field of process equipment, including packaging and dispensing.

As a result of this activity has gained an extensive experience that we are happy to offer our customers in the form of a number of commercially available samples of packaging technology with a high degree of bringing. In this case:

Credo of our company - the maximum efficiency of engineering solutions for their minimal cost.

This principle allows us to offer customers a safe and effective technique for the fact that all the samples are commercially available in ekonomzone cost.

We are proud to note that many of our customers, we have done one purchase, return for a new many more times! At the same time buyers are many who come to us after they see our technique where you from their friends, while questioning the details of its operation.

Equipment produced by our company meets all the standards and requirements to the food processing equipment, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates and hygienic conclusions.

All models of the equipment is provided free warranty service within 12 months from the date of sale.

At the end of the warranty period, we will never forget our customers. In case of need of repair and adjustment, our specialists are always ready to help you.

Technical our policy provides for the possibility of more widespread use of publicly available standard components, resulting in our equipment has the properties of a good maintainability after the warranty period of operation.